Medical Cards - All non-Serbian citizens officially working in Serbia are entitled to Serbian medical cards for themselves and all their dependents.  It is a green/orange card folded into three, with Cyrillic writing.  The card is issued via your employer.  The card needs to have the current stickers inside the card to make it valid – check with your employer how regularly you need to get a sticker (eg. 6/12months) and ensure your employer provides the sticker for you.  Take your medical card with you when you attend a hospital.  The Serbian medical card entitles you to free medical care at state institutions to the same level as a Serbian citizen would receive. Most expats use private clinics for routine visits.

Pharmacies - Pharmacists are generally helpful and often speak excellent English.  They can sell many medicines over the counter without prescription, and will happily suggest a suitable product for minor ailments.

Most pharmacies that you see are private pharmacies.  State pharmacies are harder to find, but are sometimes the only places to stock certain prescribed medicines.

Medication Availability Number
Instead of driving from one pharmacy to another to hunt down some special medication, you can call up two special information numbers:
State pharmacies 011/2435 008  
Private pharmacies 011/2671 996

You tell them the name of the medication you need and in which part of town you live, they will then look up in which pharmacy the product is generally listed and give you the number of the specific pharmacy. You can then call this pharmacy and find out if they presently have the medication on stock.

Prima Pharmacy, Kralija Alexandra (opposite new hotel) is a good place to get harder to find medicines.

Lilly and DM stores all have pharmacies attached, and are good places to find general toiletries, baby products and diapers.

Emergency Information

Emergency services have English speaking operators.

If it’s a true emergency call 194 immediately.
If the patient is walking wounded you are better driving or getting a taxi to hospital

Dr Dusan Teodorovic Tel: 063/378 999 
Available 24/7 to help with emergency advice & translation (see below for more info)

24 hour health service

Klinički Centar, Pasterova 2located off Kneza Miloša.  Emergency hospital where all ambulance cases are taken.  The main public emergency hospital in Belgrade.

Belmedic, Viktora Igoa 1, Senjak, or Koste Jovanovica 87 (just off Oslobođenja).  
Tel: 011/309-1000, or 011/3065-888
Staff all speak English.  Open 24 hours a day for children and adults, covering all medical fields.  They contract with a wide range of specialists who are available on call. They have ambulances and can deal with minor emergencies (“walking wounded”).

Bežanijska Kosa Medical Centre, Zemun, Bežanijska Kosa bb. Tel 3010-700 / 2697-038  - located just off the Belgrade – Zagreb highway, towards the airport.  Exit at the Bežanijska Kosa exit.

Dr. Dragiša Mišović Medical Centre, Heroja Milana Tepića 1, Dedinje   Tel:011/2667-122

Military Medical Academy, Vojno-Medicinska Akademija/VMA  
Crnotravska 17, Banjica           tel 011/2661-122
Certain embassy’s have an agreement to be able to use VMA, check to see if you are entitled..  Good for severe injuries for adults only.  You need to request to be taken here by the ambulance crew.

Serbian Medical Centre, Pasterova 2.  Tel: 011/361-8444
Zvezdara Medical Centre, Dimitrija Tucovića 161. Tel: 011/3810-969
Zemun Medical Centre, Zemun, Vukova 9.  Tel:  011/3772-666
Children’s Hospitals

The following are two children’s hospitals recommended for emergency stabilisation but not routine cases.  These hospitals rotate their after-hours clinics based on the date. 

However if you have a real emergency go to the one nearest you and they will have someone available to treat your child.

Even dates, 2,4,6, etc:
Children’s Clinic - Dejca Klinika,  Tiršova 10, Belgrade   Tel: 011-206-0639
Located within Klinički Centar complex off Kneza Miloša.

Odd dates, 1,3,5 etc:
Mother & Child Institute – Institut za majku i dete,   Radoja Dakića 6-8, New Belgrade 
Tel: 011-310-8161 (non-urgent), 011-310-8152 (urgent)

Medical Centres

Belmedic, Viktora Igoa 1, Senjak, or Koste Jovanovica 87.  
tel: 011/309-1000, or 011/3065-888
Staff speak English.  Open 24 hours a day for children and adults, covering all medical fields.  They have ambulances and can deal with minor emergencies (“walking wounded”).

Diplomatic Clinic, St Vojvode Milenka 35
Tel: 011/ 2644 952 (adults); 011/ 3616-084, 011/ 3616-339 (children)
Open 8am-3pm. 
The clinic of the standard Serbian health service which has been set up to help deal with diplomats health.
Some English speaking staff.  Considerably cheaper than other providers. 
Dr. Djuvisic recommended.

Irva Clinic, Beogradskog bataljona 115, Košutnjak, Beograd.
Tel: 011/254 6863, 011/357-2426      Mobile 065-999-2899
Open 24 hours, house calls 24/7.  Staff fluent in English. 

Dr. Ristic, Ulici Narodnih Heroja 38, New Belgrade (near Mercator), ph: 011-269-3287, Broad range of medical services, including health checks for those wanting to take driving lessons in Belgrade. Outpatient only. Also have physiotherapy section and labs, x-rays, scans, etc.


Medison plus, Ginekoloska Ordinacija, Zemun
Address: dr Petra Markovica 8, phone: 2105-164 or 063 302 756.

“I had one nice doctor I went to when I was pregnant.  I found her good and she has good equipment too. I only did check ups with her but I know others that have had her follow them all the way, also through delivery.”  - expat mum

Dr. Kangrga,  Tel: 063/233-771
She's in Senjak, in the block of flats next to the little Post Office.

Dr. Dragana Haidukovic,   Her English and French are perfect.  Tel: 063-316057
Gynecologist.  Check-ups, pregnancy care & delivering babies.
They also run pilates, yoga and massages for pregnant woman. 

Mladenović, ginekološka ordinacija
Beograd, Baba Višnjina 37, Vračar, Kalenićeva pijaca
Telefon: 011/2436 504
Mobtel: 069/2436 504, 064/1756 040
“I can recommend Dr Gordana Hajdukovic, for absolutely everything.  She is the most professional person I've met in this country and the best doctor I've ever had.  I strongly recommend her.” – expat mum.


Dr. Goran Vukomanovic, Assist. Prof. of Pediatrics, Medical School of Belgrade University Children’s Hospital.  tel: 063-312-424   email:
Highly recommended.  He does house calls and has a very good manner with children.
House call fee approx €40.

Dr. Goran is married to Dr. Tanja Vukomanovic (+064 1101330), who is a pediatrician herself. She feels that her English is not so good, but if for some reason Goran can't make it, he tries that Tanja can come for medical check up.

“We can really highly recommend the paediatrician couple Vukomanovic.  I had big problems with my 2 year old daughter at a paediatrician in our home country - kicking, screaming, no opening of the mouth, etc., and Goran managed to circumvent that all, she actually asks now, if Goran is coming and when.”  - Expat  mum.

Dr. Spomenka Mihic Simovic    Slavija Medic, Beogradska 6. I floor
Tel:  011/344 8893
Home visits are aprox 3000din.

Dr. Zutic clinic. ulici Antifašističke Borbe,  Block 22, New Belgrade
Tel:  011/30-18-333,   011/2604-934,   011/2604-111,   064/116-2334
Near Belgrade Arena. Pediatrics and general medicine.  .         


Hexalab - The best laboratory for performing blood/urine/stool tests.  You can use them directly without going through a doctor.

Central laboratory Mite Cenića 11, VOŽDOVAC,
tel/fax: 011/ 309 66 63, 309 69 80 • mob: 069/ 820 28 44 Several locations – see website. 


Dental work is considerably cheaper in Serbia than many other European countries. 

24 hour dental service

Stari grad,  Obilićev venac 30, tel: 2635-236

Vračar. Kneginje Zorke 15.    tel: 244-1413

Dr. Vojislav Rascanin and Dr. Diana Rascanin (father & daughter) dentist-orthodontist   
Kosancicev venac 2a   diana@EUnet.yu
tel: 011/263 9876, mobile:  064 118 0967; email:

“Dr. Rascanin (the orthodontist) speaks English perfectly and is wonderful with children.  Her father is a very kind, professional gentleman who also speaks English.”

To get to their office, you turn right as you're looking at the Austrian Embassy (coming up from the old harbor where the famous night club Magasin is located), then you'll pass Restaurant Langouste on a cobblestone street.  Continue around on that cobblestone street until you see a traffic light (at the street where Fashoff and Restaurant Knez are).  If you reach the traffic light, you've gone about 2 buildings too far.  Theirs is on the left (#2a).  Parking is always available there in a 3-hour zone. 

Dr. Dmitrijovic of Smile Dent on Sindeliceva street near Kralja Aleksandra

Kosovcevic, Stomatoloska klinika
Smiljaniceva 35, Vracar 
Tel:  011/2454668,  011/2441727,  065/4441727
They do everything including children and orthodontist.  They all speak good English.  Prices are normal, and they will tell you that you don't need to do anything if that's the case. 

Nebojsa and Zorica Nikolic, 22.oktobra 10, 11080 Zemun 
Tel 011/269-7613 or 063/275792
Husband and wife team, they speak good English, with a lot of experience behind.  Their prices are very reasonable.

Zepter Dental, Kralja Petra 32
Tel:  011/ 3283880; 011/3283881
Great with nervous patients young and old. 


ABM Clinic, Terazije 29.
Tel: 011/322-9966
They speak English well, with good prices.  Eye tests, glasses & contact lenses.


Dr. Petar Dinic,   Kursulina 16 (close to St. Sava) Tel: 063 781 5282

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